Why Communication Security Inc.

Communication Security Inc. is one of six nationally recognized technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) service companies in the United States. This recognition is based upon our staff experience, quality of test instrumentation and successful results. There is no other TSCM service provider in the southern U.S. that compares.


Communication Security Inc. services are accomplished by qualified trained technicians, with numerous years of experience in technical security. Communication Security Inc. has performed TSCM for both government and private industry on an international basis. Our leading staff members have trained United States and friendly foreign government intelligence and military personnel, federal and state law enforcement officers, and corporate security personnel in the field of TSCM at Texas A&M University System's Law Enforcement and Security Training Division. Seminar graduates represent such companies as:

  • COMMUNICATIONS: Bell Laboratories, Southwestern Bell, Illinois Bell, New Jersey Bell, New England Bell, AT&T Communications, AT&T Information Systems AT&T Corporation, and Western Electric Company.
  • DEFENSE CONTRACTORS: Martin Marietta, Grumman Aerospace, Hughes Aircraft, Northrup Corporation, Texas Instruments, and IBM
  • ENERGY: Texaco Oil, Tenneco Oil, Standard Oil, Sun Oil, Aramco, Western Company of North America, Kaneb Services, Panhandle Eastern, and HNG/InterNorth.
  • GOVERNMENT: Texas Department of Public Safety, Connecticut State Police, Missouri State Police, the United States Department of Justice and the Treasury Department, United States Army Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence (OSI), Marine Corp Intelligence, and State Department

Quality TSCM Inspection Equipment

CSi is one of the best equipped TSCM service providers in the United States. Our equipment includes Tektronix spectrum analyzers covering the radio frequency spectrum in excess of 300 GHz., Tektronix Time Domain Reflectometers (TDRs), an Information Security Associates Non-Linear Junction Detector, a VIRD Invisible Infrared and Laser Radiation Detector, and much more.

Learn about how to select a TSCM service provider.

CSI realizes that the responsibility of selecting a TSCM service provider is a difficult one. Accordingly, the Company provides the links below to help make a more informed decision.