How Much Spying Occurs

You will never see successful espionage operations. Only failed attempts are published, provided they are disclosed. Industrial Spies rarely steal visible objects,they steal INFORMATION.

Ask Yourself These Questions
Is this information valuable to conduct daily business activity?
If lost, what would it cost to resume business activity?
What if your adversaries had access to this valuable information?
What would this irreversible event cost your company?
How much would this affect your competitive marketing position?
How do you know for sure that this is not presently taking place?

- Take-over Strategies
- Buying and Selling Programs
- Computer Codes
- Work Schedules
- Marketing Plans
- Project Assignments
- Product Designs
- Manufacturing Techniques
- Litigation Tactics
- Customer Lists
- Suppliers
- Labor Negotiating Positions
- Specifications on a Company's: Work place, Capacities, and Expansion
- Research Plans
- Financial Projections
- Material Costs
- Contract Bids
- Sales Statistics
- Profit Margins

Every aspect of your business that has a value to you also has an undeniable value to your adversaries. We can only make an intellectual estimate as to the actual magnitude of this invisible threat, based upon reported incidents.

Vulnerability assessment is necessary to determine the risk exposure of information assets to compromise. An understanding of current espionage attack methods employed is required to realistically assess the level of risk.

Published Articles about Industrial Espionage

Listed below are two articles that I have been published about industrial espionage that CSI believes are informative.