More About TSCM

The best method of protection is prevention with comprehensive professional Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) services. Adequate knowledge of current attack methods employed, as well as effective countermeasures, are vital to fully appreciate the detailed TSCM services which MUST be performed.

Technical security is a very specialized field, requiring dedicated, full-time professionals with past TSCM experience, extensive training and sophisticated equipment. Many companies offer TSCM services, which achieve various levels of protection, depending upon equipment, knowledge, experience, training, morals and business ethics.

Posed with the task of performing a comprehensive TSCM survey, whether professionally provided or in-house, is difficult, as accurate and truthful information on TSCM is scant at best. This lack of information is compounded by the fact that surveillance has become increasingly sophisticated due to technological advances.

Understanding TSCM Surveys

With a clear understanding of the abundant electronic eavesdropping techniques available, a more thorough and comprehensive TSCM survey can be achieved.

Some less than reputable service organizations, consciously or not, provide services of limited or no value which do little more than degrade the overall posture of security and instill a false sense of confidence, possibly capitalizing on the misinformed and maintaining the shroud of secrecy which surrounds this discipline. Peppered with technical jargon and buzz words to describe impressive looking equipment with knobs, bells, whistles, lights and switches, who wouldn't be impressed?

Contrary to many claims, there is no quick fix and no special box to detect all eavesdropping devices.

A clear understanding is necessary to fully appreciate the detailed TSCM services that are required to provide an adequate reduction of risk, by virtue of a comprehensive TSCM program. A TSCM survey must be performed by professionals who have extensive knowledge, adequate training, experience and specialized equipment.

A reputable TSCM professional will also take the time to explain the countermeasures process, equipment, methods, capabilities and limitations to help remove the ever-present cloak and dagger element.

The TSCM survey should address most, if not all, of the probable threats, and include the following procedures:

  • Review of Current Security Policies and Procedures
  • Telephone Instrument and Line Analysis
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysis
  • Non-Linear Junction Analysis
  • Physical Inspection
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Verbal Briefing
  • Final Report

In addition to a through physical search, specialized equipment is required to perform a comprehensive TSCM survey, and the right company must be chosen for the job: