The Ultimate in Eavesdropping Detection

- Visually Detect Invisible Eavesdropping Attacks
- Inspect Areas Within Seconds
- 100% Reliable
- Easy to Use
- Highly Portable

The VISUAL IR DETECTOR (VIRD-1®) is a REVOLUTIONARY new eavesdropping detection system. The only system available that visually detects and locates infrared light eavesdropping attacks in seconds. Developed and used extensively in the field by top Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) professionals, this proven technology provides reliable performance features in a dependable detection system.

Advanced Performance Features

- Visual panoramic display--Allows user to see invisible light like no other.
- Light intensification--Amplifies invisible light to detect even the weakest of signals.
- Provides greatly enhanced detection capabilities over existing equipment
- Superior Sensitivity
- No specialized operator training or experience necessary
- Locate the source of invisible IR and laster radiation

Why Use the VIRD-1®?
Eavesdropping attacks using sophisticated IR technology are a very real security threat that has plagued us for many years. With the recent proliferation of readily available eavesdropping equipment and kits this problem continues to escalate. Prior to the development of the VIRD-1®, no reliable method of detecting sophisticated IR eavesdropping attacks was available.

The VIRD-1® is simple to operate, day or night. Just view the area of concern through the unit, and within seconds a determination can be made if any possible "INVISIBLE" IR attack is ongoing. This straightforward detection system reduces hours of tedious inspection by professionals to a simple 100% reliable method which can be used by all levels of TSCM professionals.

VIRD-1® Performance Features

  • Locate the Source of IR Radiation in Seconds
  • Detect Intermittent IR Attacks
  • Non-alerting Operation
  • Outperforms All Light Probe and CCD Equipment
  • Unaffected by Blinding Visible Light
  • Amplifies and Enhances Low Level IR Signals
  • Discriminates and Amplifies Only IR Light